What is this blog about?

It’s about two of my favorite passions: travel and algorithms.

My mission is to share experience, knowledge, passion and motivation. I will post articles about my adventures, Instagram promotion tips, training materials on machine learning and my own projects on automation. It will be awesome!

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Who am I?

My name is Pavel Pleskov, I’m 29 years old digital nomad, an amateur photographer and a computer geek. My background is in Economics and Mathematics, and now I’m switching to even more creative fields. That’s why I’ve changed my career from algo trading to algo travelling.

Currently I’m looking for like-minded people to start an IT travel project. Write me in the contacts section if you want to know more.


Travelling for me is an infinite source of new experiences, emotions and challenges. I began to travel actively in 2012, when I got a job as a financial consultant. The last two years I worked remotely and lived in Asia for a year in total. In the near future I’m planning to go to Central and South America. The main goal is to become a member of Travelers’ Century Club.

My favorite way of travelling is on a motorcycle. Of course, planes and trains does not leave me indifferent neither.

After spending a great deal of time in Russia, my favorite travel destinations are warm, obviously. Those places with white beaches, beautiful sea, bright sun and strong wind sometimes happen to be great for kitesurfing. It is also my hobby which motivates to visit far away countries.


I really love beautiful photos though I’m shooting with my phone only. Check out my Instagram, it speaks for itself.

Machine Learning

I’m a fan of automation, like to write bots and hate routine. I’ve been also engaged in data analysis for 5 years while working in financial consulting and algorithmic trading. But my work was restricted by Excel, visualization and simple statistical inferences. It’s time to take things seriously so I began a long way of studying Machine Learning. I will be glad to share my findings during this journey.